DATE:                     Friday 19 - Saturday 27 July 2013

      LOCATION:            Worcester, England, UK.

      WIFYS 2013:          'Peace & Unity'


WIFYS, the UK's first-ever non-competitive international youth singing festival, came to Worcester in the summer of 2013. Organised by Sing UK in association with the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC), the city played host to 11 choirs from 10 different countries - Belgium, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, Lithuania - and the UK.  Street singing, concerts in the city and county, singing at church services and a Welcome Concert delighted singers and audiences. The climax was the final night's Gala Concert in Worcester's magnificent cathedral, with all four of the week's distinguished international conductors directing the young singers in performance. The programme included the World Premiere of a specially commissioned work from UK composer Bob Chilcott (Five Days that Changed the World with words by Charles Bennett), which was conducted by the composer and involved all 400 young singers!

With the festival being the first event of its kind in the UK, Sing UK took as its theme, 'Peace & Unity between Nations', to reaffirm the continuing mission of ECA-EC and to endorse the shared aspirations of working towards a more peaceful world through the engagement of young people from different nations coming together to sing.